Someone snatched my boy. Someone took my sweet cuddly, laughable, smiling ball of sunshine and replaced him with a a loud, shrilling screamer. I thought I we were in the clear since we avoided the dreaded colic, blessed with only few crying nights, and had a son that seemed to have a sunny disposition. That was until, about three days ago. Lord help us.

Parker had found his voice around three and a half months ago and had always been a very vocal baby. He loved to bababaaabbaa and OoooWoooowwhhoo from very early on. I knew right then and there that he would be an extrovert who loved to talk, just like his Daddy. That is all cute and sweet and everything, but that is not what we have going on here. We have a seven month old who only loves to communicate in one way…a loud shrilling screech of a SCREAM!

I’m bored…SCREAM!
Pick me up…SCREAM!
I rolled over and I’m proud of it…SCREAM!
Mommy is making a funny face…SCREAM!
I’m tired…SCREAM!
Look I just crawled backwards…SCREAM!
No, I want to feed myself…SCREAM!
I said, give me that spoon!…SCREAM!
I don’t want to be in the stroller anymore…SCREAM!
Stop tickling me…SCREAM!
Did I mention that I want you to hold me?…SCREAM!

Is this a phase? I certainly hope so! At the end of the night, with a splitting headache, I close my eyes and pray. Dear Lord, whatever I did to upset you…I’m sorry. Please give me back my non-screaming baby and I promise to be forever thankful. AMEN!

One thought on “Screamer

  1. Ugh, that stinks. If it makes you feel any better, Avalon does that sometimes too. It’s like if I even leave the room and she can’t keep her eye on me she freaks out. Makes it impossible to get anything done sometimes! I hope this screaming thing goes away soon 🙂


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