The Hunt

We’re on the hunt for the perfect car. Dan and I both have our BMW’s coming off lease in May. My X3 is great, but I need more room. Dan’s 335i is nice, but impractical for just a once a week commute to the airport. So, the plan is to get one nice “family” car and one inexpensive car that Dan will use. This past weekend we looked at several dealerships, and did a lot of research on the internet, and here is our top three (today). AND just for the record, I know that SUV’s don’t get the best gas mileage, but considering the fact that I don’t commute 30mins each day to work, and this will be used mainly on the weekends for family outings, I think that prevents any hatin’ from the eco-friendly peeps out there.

1. 2007 LEXUS GX 470 SUV- white, beige interior, moon roof, dvd player, nav, third row, 33k miles, +/-40k
3 year warranty and certified pre-owned

2. 2007 Mercedes GL450 SUV- silver, gray interior, double moon roof, third row, dvd player, nav, 31k miles, +/-44k
1 year warranty

3. 2010 Honda Pilot- White, black inteiror, dvd player, nav, third row, moon roof, leather, 38k 3 year warranty

Which of the three do you like best?

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