Say Goodbye to my little Mullet

I know mullets are making a comeback, but this was one mullet that needed to go.  Parker was in need of his very first haircut so we decided to take him to Pigtails and Crew Cuts for a little trim.

First, we waited and Daddy read me a story.

Oh, fun! Can I get my hair cut in here?

Do you see this mullet thing I got going on here?  Yeah, my thoughts exactly!

Mommy is talking to the lady about the best way to trim my hair.

This is fun!

Lord, please don’t let her cut off my ear.  Thanks!

Trim, trim, and a snip, snip!

It’s not so bad!

Look, my mullet is gone!

See how handsome I look?

Auuuww Yeeeeeah!!

6 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to my little Mullet

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