Tea Party

Last week my aunt Marie came for a visit for the first time since before Christmas.  We haven’t been able to get together to exchange Christmas presents until now and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what my aunt had gotten me.  The start of my very own collection of vintage antique tea cups.  All different shapes, colors, and designs and all stamped with some important family name brand of England’s bone china collection.   I’m not really so concerned with how much they’re worth or how old they are.  I just love the way they look and I appreciate the unique character that each one has.  These teacups aren’t just beautiful, they are useful.  They won’t collect dust in the attic, I plan to use these tea cups! 

I wouldn’t consider myself a tea connoisseur.  I don’t buy raw tea leaves to steep and strain. But I do love Yogi Tea’s Green tea, Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time, Mighty Leaf Organic Spring Jasmine, just to name a few.   I love how drinking tea makes me feel.  Unlike coffee, tea has a therapeutic affect on me.  If I’m not feeling well, it can give me that warm comforting feeling.  If I’m lagging and need a boost, there’s a tea with a bit of caffeine that can actually be good for me.  There’s even a tea that helps lactating mamas with special herbal ingredients!  Who knew? There have  been numerous studies that show the anti-cancer properties of the antioxidant polyphenols, which is found in some teas.  Studies also suggest that it may reduce the risk of  gastric, esophageal and skin cancers, if you consume 4 to 6 cups daily. I’m not sure that I’ll be drinking that much tea, but when I do, I’ll be doing it in a stylish way!  Come join me for a spot of tea will ya?

All this tea time talk got me thinking… how come us Americans have so many places devoted to coffee, but only a few devoted to tea?  I would love a cozy place in town with plush sofas where they have tea time in a vintage-euro setting.  They would serve an array of different teas from Oolong and Chai to English Breakfast and White Pear in the cute European tea cups. And what if they also served cupcakes and danishes?  Hey, it could be called Cupcakes and Tea Cups!  THAT my friend…would be heaven.

2 thoughts on “Tea Party

  1. I love tea too! I have always preferred it over coffee. I am a loyal Bigelow fan and get my loose leaf teas at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.

    If you ever go, the strawberry tea (indian black tea with strawberries) is great (caffeinated but a nice full flavor) as well as the darjeeling tea and jasmine tea. Enjoy your new tea cups! They look lovely!


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