Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Low-Down

Sunday Slim-Down
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We had a great Valentine’s day here in the Christiansen household. My little boy got dedicated today (more on that later), I got a beautiful bouquet of roses (my fav!) and I made it through the day without going into a chocolate coma! Woohoo! Actually, I’ve been doing MUCH better with my slim-down goals. I ventured out this week and got some exercise DVDs. I was a little skeptical of this, because I’ve always been a going to the gym kind-of gal. However, with a baby, and being home bound, somethings gotta give.  We started doing Cardio Max, and it’s going pretty well.  Yes, I said We.  I actually convinced the hubby to do it with me!  Last night he though it was silly of me to ask him to change into workout clothes, so he he did them in his boxers.  Yep, jumping jacks, and lunges in all!  He didn’t understand what the big deal was since we were home alone and no one was watching.  Boys are so weird.  At least it kept it fun!  The best part of this DVD?  It’s only twenty mins of intense cardio.  I say intense, because I’m completely out of shape.  Twenty minutes is totally doable. No excuses!  There’s a ten min warm up and cool down, so for a total of thirty mins, you get a great work out.

As of this week I have a new inspiration too.  We’re going to San Juan Puerto Rico for our five year anniversary in March.  I need my body back… and there’s no better time than now.  If I could just lose five LB’s before the trip, then I will feel SO much better about myself lounging on the beach.

Sleepy Low-Down

Yes!  Finally it has happened.  Our little one is sleeping through the night.  Reason to celebrate? Well, ask me again when he starts teething, gets his first cold, hits another growth spurt, or just feels like testing “the limits” again.  It certainly didn’t come without a fuss or two. “Oh my gosh!  You let your child CRY IT OUT??”  Well, considering that everyone seems to have they’re own definition of it, I choose not to answer that!  What I will tell you is this;  learn your child and follow you’re instincts.  We felt it was time for Parker to start to re-learn to put himself to sleep again, so we started letting him fuss for five mins, go in and comfort, ten mins, comfort, and only one night did he fuss longer  and it never exceeded fifteen mins.  He just “got it” after two days of doing that for naps and bedtime.  Really?? Yes, Really!  Will it last?  Who the heck knows.  It’s been about two weeks, and he has been sleeping great.  He goes to bed at 8pm and I go in to feed him at 5am, and he goes back to sleep until 8am.  Sometimes he starts to fuss around 11pm, but it’s usually for less than two mins, while he settles into his next sleep state, and he rolls over on his side, rubs his face, and goes back to sleep.  During the day, he sleeps about four hours.  An 1hr 30min in the am, 2hrs in the afternoon, and another 30mins to 45mins in the early evening.   Sometimes less during the day and sometimes more.  I’m SO proud of my little sleeper.  It seems as if once he was ready to do it again, and we set the stage for it, he really took to the idea well.  Now he’s such a happier alert baby during his awake times, which makes my heart happy.  You know what else makes me happy?  Mama getting some rest!  Amen for sleep.

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