Blog Shout-Outs

So lately when I’ve been reading random blogs, I’ve thought to myself…dang, if only I could write like that

Here are some memorable quotes from posts that definitely made me smile:

Pantley (NCSS) advocating ‘no cry’, Weissbluth advocating ‘let ’em cry! GET ER DONE!’, and Ferbster sort of in the middle, but more Weissbluthy, who came up with this ‘graduated extinction’ which only prolongs the torture for everyone.  The only thing worse than ‘graduated extinction’ would be if I were to dangle my naked breast over the crib every 10 minutes while he was trying to fall asleep.  You know, so he would know he was not alone.  That the boob was with him. –Finding Zen

My hair is another story…not on my head, but my face. They say that when you are pregnant your hair gets thicker because it isn’t falling out as much. Well, why do I have a beard now? I should say, more of a beard than before I got pregnant as I am also a hairy person (I am laughing out loud as I type this…I should post a photo of myself so you don’t think I am the bearded lady…I am not bad looking I swear!). I also feel like I have more hair under my arms than before, and even after shaving I still have darkness there. It is a mystery.-Boston Baby Mama

As I pushed Jane along today, two trucks passed me from behind. I glanced at the first and the driver, still wearing his hard hat, waved at me. Immediately behind him, in the second truck, a chubby man in a plaid shirt says “how YOU doin'”. My initial reaction was a look of disgust, I mean YUCK, I hate it when men cat-call… and how stereotypical that it be two construction workers?!?! THEN, and within milliseconds, I started smiling, like huge smiling. WOOHOOO!!! I just had a baby 5 months ago… BRING IT ON BOYS! Beggers can’t be choosers! I never thought the day would come that I would not only appreciate, but crave, the typically unwanted attention of construction workers! -Mommy Brain

…and I could hear him messing with the door knob. I ran as fast as humanly possible to the stairs for fear that he was standing at the top, ready to barrel roll down. That wasn’t the case. Instead, he locked me in the basement. So, for the next 10 minutes, I proceeded to beg, plead with, and bribe my 3 year old to unlock the door. He just kept trying to turn the knob and I’m like, “Turn the silver, strip thing in the middle of the knob. See that sideways little thingy? TURN IT!” He finally did.-The Dirt on Davis

I am a semi decent cook, but had a serious brain malfunction. The plan was to make ‘home made’ mac & cheese (recipe: here). I had a moment of dyslexia when reading the recipe because instead of 2 CUPS COOKED macaroni noodles, I used 2 POUNDS of UNCOOKED macaroni.– Danielle’s Dish

…he said. “The sounds are so pretty that sometimes it makes me cry a little bit.” When you find beauty in something, don’t be afraid to allow yourself to feel it with all of your heart. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take our breath away. In a life full of moments, capture the ones that push you to the edge, the ones that make you cry just a little bit. Those are the ones worth savoring.  I said, “You know, sometimes songs that are really pretty make me cry a little bit, too.”  He smiled and started humming along with the tune. -Lisa Ashby

A female co-worker and I asked our male co-worker if he would mind “flopping his unit around”. Of course we meant would he mind changing the order of his unit plan; unfortunately, it sounded like a proposition for his man candy to hang loose. He said he didn’t know about the other men of the department, but he wasn’t flopping his unit around for anybody. Thanks Mr. W. Please don’t file sexual harassment on us.-Fictitiously Delicious

1. “Quit judging! I direct deposit my tithe.”

2. “Sorry I cut you off. I’m a Christian, but I drive like an agnostic.”

3. “My other car is a chariot of fire.”

4. “In case of rapture, I’m not sure reading this bumper sticker is a top priority for you.”

5. “Another Sunday Morning Jogger/Saturday Night Church Attendee”

6. “God created it. The Bible said it. My wife and I are doing it. SEX.”

7. “A hedge of protection is my car insurance. Seriously, I’m uninsured.”

8. “I’ve got GPS. God Prayer System!”

OK, that last one was a little cheesy, but that’s what happens when you write Christian bumper stickers.-Stuff Christians Like

Apparently Rob snapped this photo when I wasn’t really ready, although now I kind of like it because of the expression I have on my face while looking down at my belly. Something about it says, whoa, what the heck is goin on here? Exactly how many DQ blizzards have I eaten? Oh right! It’s not the ice cream, it’s a baby! A BABY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE HER WAY OUT OF MY CROTCH IN TWO WEEKS!-Cheap Therapy

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