Since it was raining today, I thought I would get a little bit of exercise by walking around at the mall.   Somehow Sephora sucked me right into their store. I started thinking of how my lack of sleep has caused some pretty creepy dark circles under the eyes and maybe a nice eye cream would do the trick. One of the “professional skin care specialist” analyzed my skin type (without make-up I might add…how lovely!) and told me about a product by Perricone MD.  Of course I was waiting to hear what the price tag was since most things in Sephora are quite pricey, and she said that the lovely Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum goes for $50. Wow. Maybe it’s just lack of experience since I’m an amateur eye cream purchaser, but that seemed to be expensive. That’s when I asked if there was anything else affordable, and she went into detail about the active ingredients, and that this is “all natural” and all that salesman hoopla, but then she asked if I wanted to try it on one eye to see its effectiveness. So, I tried it. It actually worked! Well, at least it looked MUCH better. So, I’m going to give it a try and maybe on the days when all I have time for is throwing on a hat, sweats, and my bare face goes without make-up, I won’t look like something the cat drug in.

2 thoughts on “Splurge

  1. In my opinion, $50 is not a terrible price, and this should last for some time.
    In my experience (as opposed to just theory) things like this work best if you actually use them every day. Should only need a small amount.
    Hope it does work for you.


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