Saturday Night Ramblings

~ Life is much better with some SLEEP!  So happy that Parker decided to extend his evening sleepy time last night so Mom and Dad could have a break!  Could this be a trend?  Let’s us pray.

~Cold rainy days are great for reading.  Little Parker and I ventured out for our first trip to the library together.  Lots of new books to read before nap and bedtime.  I can hardly wait!

~Can you believe that Parker is over four months old?  Craziness.

~We decided this week that it didn’t make since for Parker and I to go with Dan to California for his company “Bob’s Club”.  It was a sales contest that he won that got him and the family three nights in the St. Regis in Orange County.  However, we recently found out that the weather would be in the 60s (not exactly lay on the beach weather) AND, it would throw Parker for a loop with his sleep schedule…and having him wake up at 4am every night until he adjusts just in time to go home, and re-adjust again just didn’t seem worth it.

~In lieu of the California trip, for our five year anniversary in March, we decided to plan a trip to FL for a long weekend.  Parker will be older then, we’ll be in the same time zone, AND the weather will be MUCH nicer too.  Right now we’re thinking of the Hilton in Clearwater, but we haven’t decided for sure.  Up for suggestions!

~We finally have Parker on a good nap and evening routine (I think…ask me in a few more days).  Hopefully this time it’ll stick. We had to bump up the feedings to every two hours this past week because of nursing issues I was having yet again.  Uggh…  at four months you would think that I would have this breastfeeding thing down pat, but apparently just like anything, there’s always something new to learn.  Due to stress and lack of sleep, I was having problems with my let-down reflex, which of course Parker was very aggravated by, thus making my supply go down, and the cycle repeating.  Learning to relax is something that I have a problem with(shocker huh?) since I can be anxious at times…especially when it comes to making sure my son is getting enough to eat.  Now I see why breastfeeding seems to lend itself better to the more “free spirited” type of Moms! We ordered a scale, and now we’ll at least have some peace of mind.

~I love my husband.  He’s such a big help.  Today he went grocery shopping for the family and he made us dinner!  Yes, I’m Loving  it!  Can you do this every week?  Please? *wink*

~We’re officially apart of CWK small group (Couples with Kids) hosted by the Valencias.  Its so nice to be apart of such a great group of friends.  Right now we’re reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart, which has been very insightful (the few chapters that we’ve read).  We’re so excited to grow and learn from such strong Godly (not to mention down to earth and fun) parents.

~Last week our friends Jody and Melissa welcomed their second baby boy Jake into the world.  He is such a cute little munchkin! Congrats guys! As they say in Alabama…Ya’ll did well! =)

~Consignment season is approaching!  All  bargain savvy consignment addicted Mamas beware!  If you see a tall blonde Mama sporting some running shoes and a laundry basket on a rope…that looks like me, just go ahead and scooch over and make some room!  If anyone would like to join me (not that there would be much convo during shopping time, it’s all down to business then), let me know!  I don’t know what it is, but lately shopping for Parker is SO much more fun that shopping for myself.  Hopefully this doesn’t turn him spoiled rotten. Hmm… oh, well.

~A few weeks ago I spoke to my boss at AOS USA about coming back to work full time.  Dan and I decided that going back full time just wasn’t in the cards right now for us.  Fortunately, they offered me to work on a contract basis on local projects.  This will be great because I get to stay home with my son, but I also get to work with some fabulous people and do what I enjoy.  Once the projects start to pick up and I’m needed, I’ll be happy to put on my workin’ shoes again!

~I just have one question…When is it going to get warm again?  I’m starting to get the winter blues. It’s this very reason why I could never live up north.  I can’t even take the winter in Hotlanta.  The only positive thing I can think of is that I can cover up my “extra fluff” under chunky sweaters and overcoats.  I really can’t wait for nice warm stroller walks, pool time…oooohh pool time!  Won’t Parker look so cute in a little floaty, and his little teenie swim trunks, and his sun hat…I can already smell the chlorinated water & sunscreen *Sigh* My heart flutters at the thought.

One thought on “Saturday Night Ramblings

  1. So great to see you guys today and so happy you are a part of our Stonecreek small group. You are so sweet to mention us in your blog. Can’t wait for you to meet Jake next weekend. Have a great week!


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