Orlando Mini Vaca

Last week I had a great time with my little Parker getting away for a mini vaca in Orlando.  Daddy had to teach a class, and Parker and I decided to go along for the ride.  Here’s a recap:

*Parker hates planes.  We were in first class too!  He enjoyed watching the TV go through the safety instructions, but after that we had to pull all our tricks out of the bag to make him a happy camper.

*Dan and I forgot how much of a loud sleeper he is.  We’re so use to swaddling him and putting him to sleep in his own crib, that we forgot what it was like to share a room with him.  He does everything from cooing to fussing and breathing heavy all while sleeping away.

*Parker and I had the most wonderful day together on Wednesday.  He was an absolute angel baby.  We hung out at the pool (which was heated to a nice 80 degrees).  I think he liked his first pool time experience, even though he pursed up his face like he was sucking on a lemon when I dipped him in.  Must have something to do with the wind blowing and making him chilly.

*We ventured out to Celebration, where we experienced perfect weather, a quaint down with picturesque houses and lovely walking trails.  We did some window shopping and basked in the sunshine as we walked through the cute town and park.  It was certainly the highlight of the trip.

*Even though we enjoyed our time away. It was nice to have Parker back home where he could enjoy his swing, carseat, and his own crib.  Lizzie Lou really missed him to.  She greeted him with lots of puppy kisses when we got home.

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