Post Christmas Update

So, we had a wonderful first Christmas with Parker.  He got plenty of love from family and friends.  We enjoyed the candlelight service at Stonecreek, and we had a great dinner with my Mom and Sister.   We later went over to my aunt Angie’s house to see the Ashby family for our annual Christmas Eve get-together.  My aunt Rachel who lives in Boston flew in with her family and it was great to see them and see how much her family has grown.  We did our traditional reading of the bible story and the kids opened presents.  Good times were had by all.  Some family wasn’t able to make it, and that saddened a lot of us.  It is my hope that they were able to enjoy the holiday even in the midst of a very difficult situation.

Some of you may be asking: What happened to Sunday Slim-down and Sleepy Low-down?  Well, I’ve decided that it is just too much pressure (not to mention it doesn’t really make for good reading) to do a post every week.  So, I’m going to try to update you all on my progress monthly as originally planned.  I’m hoping that monthly will allow me more time to really start to see results.  I was told recently  that breastfeeding puts your body into a pseudo-pregnancy state, which can make it more difficult to loose weight.  It was a little reassuring to hear that since I’ve still been teetering around the same weight, and it has been over a month since my original “I’m going to put the smack-down on weight loss” post (well, not exactly titled that, but close).  Not to mention that even with me exercising and watching what I eat, it can get a little depressing not to see the scale go down and then have to write about that fact.

BUT  you know what?  I think I’m coming to terms with it a little bit.  I’m not by any means going to settle for this weight.  I’m still going to push myself to loose weight and get to my pre-preggo bod and beyond, but I think what I’ve learned recently is that my priority right now should be to be a good mom, and be a good wife.  If I’m stressing all day about trying to fit in a workout, or beating myself up for not loosing weight, then THAT isn’t good either.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I need to be positive and try to cut myself some slack since my little one is only three months old, and we’re still having “those days”, which make life…well,… unpredictable.

My focus for the next few weeks is trying to put myself on a schedule.  I know that sounds really silly, but now that I have Parker on a good routine…I’m trying to put myself on one so that I can get things accomplished around the house.  We decided in order to save money, and since I’ll be at home, that I will be doing the household chores instead of hiring maids.  With that being said, I’ve been using my trusty outlook calendar to see what chores I can do on what days all while fitting in some time with my little man, grocery shopping, working out, cooking dinner, and spending time with my husband.  As I mentioned above, some days can certainly be unpredictable with a three month old, but having a task list of the weeks “to-do’s” will help me feel accomplished and organized by weeks end.

On another note: Parker and I did the Mommy and baby fitness DVD, and LOVED it!  That will definitely have to be on our “to-do” list for each week, maybe even a few days a week.  I love finding new things for us to do together.  I’ve also read that you can start your child on infant sign language as early as six months, so that will be something that I will look forward to doing with him.  Right now, he really enjoys sitting in my lap and watching me while I help him clap his hands, sing, play “ride that pony”, and reading to him.  He likes his belly time too, but he has such a weak stomach and spits up so easily, that it has to be done  WAY after a feeding.  He LOVES his bath too.  I think that’s probably his most favorite part of the day.  Dan and I take turns when he’s home, but we love to make up silly songs to sing to him and he has little animals that squirt water that he loves to play with.  He likes to kick his feet in the water all while smiling and giggling.  It’s SO adorable.  If there wasn’t so many creep-o’s on the internet, we’d post a video of it.

We updated his monthly picture on Christmas day.  It’s so hard to believe that he’s over three months old now!  We can’t wait to see what this next month brings.  Every day we love watching him learn new things and develop his own little personality.  It’s such a blessing.

2009 Year End Thoughts

As December wraps up I begin to reflect on the year.  We’ve had an amazing year!!  Even with the economy in turmoil and the financial crisis that is going on, God has still blessed us this year in so many ways.  Here are just a few:

~We were Elated With Joy when we heard about our little squiggles was growing inside me

~ We were sad to let our Summer girl go, but we know God has blessed her with a new home and family

~ We celebrated four years of marriage in March by taking a trip to Asheville, NC

~We successfully raised money for the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation of America and joined with friends and family to “Take Steps”

~ In April we found out we were having a boy! We picked out the furniture and the paint for the walls.  We were excited about this next chapter in preparing for our little one.

~Naheed and I went to see Turisa get married in DC. We had a great time touring the city in the double decker bus.

~Dan and I had a Babymoon to remember when we went to Hawaii for 10 days.

~ We had four wonderful baby showers for little Parker

~ We learned a lot as we prepared for our little one.  We took several classes through the hospital including childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, baby basics, carseat safty, and infant CPR

~ We enjoyed spending the weekend in Dahlonega in August to celebrate our birthdays.

~We were overjoyed to welcome our little big boy into the world

~ I have been very blessed to be able to stay home with Parker and enjoy watching him grow and learn new things every day.

~I am blessed to be married to a wonderful husband, a Mom to a great baby that brings me joy every day, and supporting friends and family.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful year!

Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Low-Down

Sunday Slim-Down

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday!  Where has this week gone?  One place it has gone…COLD!  Sadly, that means saying goodbye to our lovely strolls around the loop and walks in the park.  This past week I didn’t get to the gym at all, unfortunately.  Mainly because of the traveling, Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, and just getting other errand done in my free time.  However, I did manage to keep my diet in check and really watch my calorie intake.  While we were in Orlando, I made an effort to walk a lot and do things that took my mind off of eating.  I know, it’s sad that I have to do that!  Even though I STILL haven’t lost any weight, I’m really happy that I’ve managed not to gain any extra.  I normally pack on my normal Thanksgiving 5, along with another 5 for Christmas.  That is NOT happening this year!!  While I was at Target this week, I found this DVD MOm and Baby Fitness.  So, now that I can’t get outside during the day to walk with Parker, I thought we’d try bonding over yoga, pilates and finish it up with a baby massage.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes this week!

Sleepy Low-Down

So, I found out what happens when a baby gets off schedule…!!  He’s a cranky baby!  Traveling to Orlando had it’s ups and downs.  On Tuesday we got our traveling under way at an early 8am.  He had his 7:30 feeding, but it usually follows an hour and a half of active awake/play time.  Well, we had to leave, shortly after he got into the car, he fell asleep.  This was the start of problems.  I fed him right on time (10:30) for his next feeding in the crown room at the airport, and shortly after his feeding…he had a complete meltdown crying and screaming.  I felt so bad because there were business men in there taking conference calls and working on their laptops.  We certainly got our fair share of dirty stares.  Just passing it off as indigestion, we tried our best to soothe him.  The soothing sent him right back to dreamland about 10-15 min later.  Which we were okay with because at least he wasn’t screaming.  That was until we got to the airplane.  Dan got upgraded to first class, and he thought it would be better for me to sit up front with Parker in first class, and he could take my coach seat in the back (they couldn’t upgrade me because I had a free ticket using points)  So, while the plane was taxing out to the runway he starts crying again.  I had this stupid moby wrap, which in theory is really great and comfortable, until you have to get the damn thing off of you by yourself with a screaming baby…and people staring.  One business man across the aisle asked if he could help… that’s when I noticed that I had put my jacket on over the wrap, and needed to get that off first.  I gave him this stare like, No thank you, but then he quickly pulled on one sleeve freeing my arm so I could help get him out of this origami knot that I made around my body.  Then I had to inconspicuously nurse him, before his cry turned into fits of rage.  Fortunately there was no one sitting to my left at all, but until he latched on, I felt as if everyone was staring, as if to secretly tell me that if I don’t shut that baby up soon, there was going to be a BIG problem! Fortunately, that did the trick and as I gazed at my watch, I realized that it had only been a mere hour and a half since his last feeding, and it was then that I knew his schedule was screwed for the day.  The flight was a little over an hour and he nursed at take off and landing.  By the time we got to the hotel, he was so overtired, that he cried for what seemed to be forever!  Poor baby!!  As soon as the crib arrived, we broke out the sound machine and swaddled him, and he got all the snoozin’ he needed until dinnertime.  He slept so well that night too.  It had been a while since we slept with him in the same room.  We forgot about all the baby sounds they make that can keep you up.  The next morning, he was a new baby!  He was the happiest I had seen him in a really long time.  He’s been taking his naps really well lately, and he’s been getting much better about letting me put him down awake, so he can fall asleep on his own.  He has always been good about that at night, but for some reason hasn’t been as good for naps, but he’s getting better!

Orlando Mini Vaca

Last week I had a great time with my little Parker getting away for a mini vaca in Orlando.  Daddy had to teach a class, and Parker and I decided to go along for the ride.  Here’s a recap:

*Parker hates planes.  We were in first class too!  He enjoyed watching the TV go through the safety instructions, but after that we had to pull all our tricks out of the bag to make him a happy camper.

*Dan and I forgot how much of a loud sleeper he is.  We’re so use to swaddling him and putting him to sleep in his own crib, that we forgot what it was like to share a room with him.  He does everything from cooing to fussing and breathing heavy all while sleeping away.

*Parker and I had the most wonderful day together on Wednesday.  He was an absolute angel baby.  We hung out at the pool (which was heated to a nice 80 degrees).  I think he liked his first pool time experience, even though he pursed up his face like he was sucking on a lemon when I dipped him in.  Must have something to do with the wind blowing and making him chilly.

*We ventured out to Celebration, where we experienced perfect weather, a quaint down with picturesque houses and lovely walking trails.  We did some window shopping and basked in the sunshine as we walked through the cute town and park.  It was certainly the highlight of the trip.

*Even though we enjoyed our time away. It was nice to have Parker back home where he could enjoy his swing, carseat, and his own crib.  Lizzie Lou really missed him to.  She greeted him with lots of puppy kisses when we got home.

Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Lowdown

Sunday Slim-Down

I don’t want to blog tonight…but I am.  I feel like such a loser because I really haven’t made any progress with my Slim-Down goals.  The goal was to allow the weekly post to motivate me, so if I didn’t exercise or eat right I would feel like shit having to post my failure, thus motivating me to exercise.  Well, I succeeded in feeling like shit, and that’s about it.  Seriously though… how long is this really suppose to take?  Why do I force myself into this blogging antics to loose weight and then not go through the effort?  I think there’s only one explanation: something’s gotta give, and now…it just happens to be my waistline.  I’m really focusing on trying to be a good mom, wife, homemaker, cook, etc. and sometimes eating right and exercising just isn’t high on the list for the day.  I’m not going to beat myself up over one bad week.  I was still able to make it to the gym this week, but my eating was AWFUL.  I had a few chocoholic moments where I picked up snacks that I clearly had no business eating.  Nevertheless, tomorrow is a brand new week, and I can choose to make it a good one!  I found this article, and I think it has some great info to help me do just that.

Sleepy Lowdown

I hear the sound of the monitor picking up the noise from the sound machine in the nursery, I am SO glad that little Parker is snoozin’.  That’s what I’ve had to focus on this week… I have a GREAT evening sleeper and I am SO thankful for that.  I don’t think if I had to choose, that I would trade that for a great day napper.  I had a few bad days where Parker didn’t nap well and was a cranky baby and then I had one day where he took all his naps in full…BUT he woke up at night once, and then woke up again early for his feeding.  That told me that maybe I’m shooting for too much of a good thing.  So, I’m trying to focus more on being flexible and tuning in on his sleepy signals.  If I wait too long for me to get the hint that he’s tired, then it turns into a full blown cry fest!  We don’t need all that now do we?

I’m still enjoying our bonding time when I nurse him, and I think that he’s been great at letting me know when he needs more, and in turn, sleeps more as a result.  I think we’re continuing to learn more and more about each other, and I’m loving this growing experience.