Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Lowdown

Sunday Slim-Down

Well, Thanksgiving is behind us, and fortunately I survived without gaining any extra unneeded weight! Wohoo!  I think this last week was the hardest because of the holiday, but I still managed to get some exercising in and catch up with family in the process.  Here’s are a few  pictures of us (minus a few people) on Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s farm in Lake Hartwell.

We enjoyed spending time with each other over turkey and getting in a much needed stroll afterwards.  We didn’t have all of the family there, and we missed those that didn’t make it a lot.  With the enjoyment of friends and family and also with Dan being home, I think it was easy for me to loose track of what I was putting in my mouth.  I tried to stay pretty active this week, but I’m still struggling with my food intake (quantity and food choices).  I think breastfeeding makes me extra hungry.  My goal this week is to try drinking a large glass of water every time I’m hungry in between meals or when I feel the urge to over eat.  I’ve heard that this can give a person a sense of “fullness” and not to mention that it’s good for you.  I’ve also read that cold water in particular will cause the body to burn a few calories just warming it up to your body temperature.  So, Ice water it is!  We’ll see how that works out.  I’ve still just made it to the gym twice this week, so my intense exercising hasn’t really increased.  I would like to challenge myself to hit the gym every day that Dan is home.  I’ve been apprehensive because that usually means working out on the weekend…which to me usually equals “fun” time.

Sleepy Lowdown

Can I say for the record that I absolutely LOVE my little boy! This past week he has been SO good and I actually feel like my little schedule has put us into this rhythm… This sort-of understood bond has developed between us and it has turned me into the confident Mom that I never thought I’d be.  We visited the pediatrician last week, and of course, I had a boat load of questions for him.  He probably thought I wasn’t ever going to shut up.  I asked him about all my concerns regarding sleep, and scheduling and he was all ears.  Of course, I should’ve  known…I’ve been over-thinking this whole sleep thing the whole time.  I was using this as a strict guide, and instead of using it as a general guideline.  The first thing that I wanted to “correct” was his short naps (particularly the early AM nap) His answer for that is that at this age, it’s virtually impossible to have a 10 week old follow a strict schedule.  He said that if he wakes up after 45 mins for his first nap, and you can’t get him to go back to sleep, then he’s probably just not tired. (duh!)  Sometimes I think because we have this information superhighway we call the internet, we tend to over think and complicate things.  It’s really NOT as complicated as I try to make it.  Try to get naps in during the day, create a predictable routine,  try to have the longest stretch of sleep at night, feed every 2.5-3 hours.  Boom…that’s it.  Simplicity.  That’s what I need to learn.  With that simplicity after Wednesday, I’ve tried to ease up on making Parker take the “recommended” hour and fifteen minute nap, and guess what?  As a result, he’s sleeping 8+ hours!  Not every night, but he slept 8 hours straight three nights this week, and fed, and slept another three hours right afterward.  See what happens when you just let go?  The heck with over-thinking it!  I’m sure there will be days that aren’t perfect, and that’s OK.  I still have my “schedule”, but I’ve been giving myself a fifteen minute “grace” period for feedings and allowing Parker to be flexible with his naps.  As long as he gets one long stretch of a nap in for the day, I’m not too concern if he has a few short naps.  As a matter of fact, the pediatrician said that it’s completely normal for babies to be “short nappers” up until they’re six months of age.  Parker has been so alert and happy lately.  He’s smiling and cooing all the time now and it just fills my heart with joy!

One thought on “Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Lowdown

  1. I, too, get really hung up and stressed out about the whole short-nap situation. Avalon does the same thing! I have good days where I’m able to not worry about it, and then I have bad days (like today!) where I’m totally stressed and worried that she’s not getting enough sleep. GAH! Anyway, thanks, this post was exactly what I needed to read 🙂 Parker is SO CUTE, by the way!


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