Rollin’ on the…not river, blanket! Parker rolled over for the first time!  I know you probably think I’m lying.  Mainly because most babies accomplish this between 4 and 6 months, but I swear.  Dan and I were watching him do some belly time.  He’s holding his head up so well.  I showed him how to roll over, and then we put him back on his belly.  The funniest thing happened after that.  He arched his back, made a fart, and rolled over onto his back!  We were elated with joy.  He rolled against the fart… so it’s not like that assisted him in lift off.  =) Lizzie our dog was jumping around like crazy trying to figure out why us clowns were clapping and why we were so happy.  Ahh…the joys of parenthood.  There can’t be anything else that can top this day!


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