Things you never knew you wanted to know about me…

I am… stealing this from Danielle’s Dish and calling it my own

I want…to get more than two hours sleep in a row

I have… the best looking newborn baby boy in the world

I wish… there were more hours in the day

I know…that there is a reason for everything

I hate… that life is so short

I hear… that practice makes perfect

I crave… a clean house, a happy baby and lots of sleep

I search… for new information that helps me learn

I always… tend to worry what others think

I usually… get nervous to talk in large groups

I am not….a super woman or perfect

I miss… quiet time to myself

I love… those that radiate love and selflessness

I never… thought I would be where I’m at today

I rarely…write down my thoughts, just type them

I cry… more than usual now

I lose… a pacifier ever few hours

I should… be more encouraging to others

I worry… about raising a child and being a good parent

I dream… about the future for our family

I was… going to make this post funny, but apparently I don’t have a funny bone

I need… not to take life so seriously and lighten up

I can… be what God has intended for my life to be

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