Once upon a growth spurt

It use to be when I heard my mommy friends say their kid was going through a growth spurt I thought, oh…how sweet.  Now, I don’t have such a reaction.  Only now do I realize that growth spurt equals feedings as close together as an hour and a cranky crying baby that doesn’t want to sleep.  This is what I’ve been facing for the past few days.  I’m hoping that today is the last of it.  Nursing a newborn with a growth spurt is a challenge to say the least.  This morning while Parker was screaming and crying…I shed quite a few tears of my own.  It was a combination of no sleep, my husband Dan leaving on his first business trip since Parker’s birth, and a general feeling of helplessness that I couldn’t feed or soothe him like a loving mother should be able to.  To make matters worse, he went for his two week check-up yesterday and he was one ounce shy of meeting his goal weight which would be his birth weight of 9lbs 3oz.  I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal, but apparently it’s a big enough deal for them to make him come back in two weeks to make sure that he is gaining enough weight.  Seriously one ounce?  That’s about a poopy diaper’s worth or the difference between disposable and cloth diapers.  I’m going to try not to fret over it.  Although, it does bother me that he’s not plump and gaining the ideal weight.  The thought that I may not be feeding him enough really  upsets me.

This past Saturday we got professional pictures taken by Tracy Adams and they turned out SO well.  I felt bad because we had to stop every so often to re-feed and change and try to soothe his fussiness.  She deals with newborn pictures a lot, so I’m sure she’s use to it.  I had such a hard time deciding which pictures to use for the birth announcements.  I will post some of her pictures soon.

Tonight we had our first restaurant experience with Parker.  We went to our favorite restaurant Xian China Bistro, where pre-Parker we would dine religiously.  It was a beautiful evening so we decided to take the baby in the stoller and walk up there for an early dinner.   The restaurant was nearly empty since we were there early and we sat in the corner of the restaurant away from any potential swine flu sneezes.  It was a great dinner and Parker didn’t get the least bit cranky.  The restaurant owner claims it is because he’s “use to it” because we came there so often during my pregnancy.  I say, it’s the great feng-shui with the great indoor water feature trickling over bedrock.  What baby doesn’t love that?

My days have seemed to get increasingly busier and busier with caring for Parker.  To be honest, I started this blog post several times this week and wasn’t able to finish it because of one thing or another.  I’m hoping that we can ease into a schedule.  Mostly a sleep schedule so that he can have his more active/awake states during the day instead of in the evening.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

One thought on “Once upon a growth spurt

  1. Hang in there… I promise it gets easier 🙂 The first few weeks/months are difficult because you are both learning about each other and I admit I shed many tears. The hormones going crazy and lack of sleep do not help with all that. I know you are doing a wonderful job and you are giving him all the love he needs. Try not to stress and just take things one day at a time. I know that is easier said than done but I can assure you that you will look back and wonder where this time has gone. Call me or email me if I can do anything to help. Looking forward to bringing you dinner next weekend so we can see your beautiful little boy.

    Talk soon- Melissa


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