There’s an end in sight!

On Monday I didn’t think Thursday would ever get here.  Now that we’ve been to the doctor, we are so excited to see that there is an end in sight!  At the appointment today I had a non-stress test, which is a standard test for patients that go past their due date.  This tests the fetal heart rate and contractions for 20 minutes to make sure that there aren’t any abnormalities in the pattern or anything that would indicate umbilical cord compressions or fetal distress.  Since I wasn’t having any contractions, it was just monitoring the fetal heartbeat.  Then we went to get another ultrasound to test the amniotic fluid to ensure that there is a proper amount.  It was incredible to see him in the womb at this stage in my pregnancy.  We were able to see a full head of hair!!  It was simply amazing to see.

Everything checked out as normal and the doctor scheduled me for my induction.  Unless I go into labor beforehand, on the evening of Sunday, 9/20 I will go into labor and delivery to begin my induction.  I will stay the night at the hospital and begin IV induction Monday morning and hopefully deliver sometime Monday night 9/21.  I can’t wait to meet this little guy!  The words “PUSH” will sound so heavenly by then.

Yesterday I enjoyed spending time with my grandmother.  We went to see the movie “Julie and Julia” and had a nice lunch.  She’s such a wise woman and I admire her a lot.  She is a strong woman of God, mother of 7, grandmother of 15 and great grandmother of soon to be 4!  She shared with me her first pregnancy and delivery experience when she was only 19 years of age.  Let’s just say I’m SO thankful to be living in this modern age!  Any time I get to spend with her is such a blessing.  I learn so much about family, faith and the small things in life.  I hope when I’m her age that I can be just a bit of the amazement that she is.

The next few weeks we’ll be very busy visiting with family.  I’m so excited  to see my uncle Ben and aunt Debbie flying in from Alaska, my uncle Norris and aunt Liane and their two daughters traveling from Tampa, and also my Dad, Step-mom Rennie and brother Christopher will also be in town.  Dan’s Mom will be visiting the same weekend, traveling from Charleston and I believe my Mom will be staying with us for a few days to help out with the baby too.  This will be like Christmas and Thanksgiving all wrapped into one!  The more I think about it, the more overwhelming it sounds.  Good thing the maids are coming tomorrow.  Housework is the farthest thing from my mind right now.  If I get through the next few weeks without a nervous breakdown then we’ll be doing good!   I’m certain with God’s strength, everything else will fall into place and go according to his plan.  Of course the most important member of the family I get to meet will be my son and absolutely nothing beats that!

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