If not when, then WHEN?

40 Weeks

40 Weeks

That was the question we had for the doctor today.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have a definitive answer to our question.  She said my cervix wasn’t ready for induction because it is not dilated enough, and it would put me at a higher risk for a c-section, which is not something I want.  So now we just wait.  We have another doctor’s appointment on Thursday and they will check my cervix and amniotic fluid levels, as well as do an ultrasound.  That’s if I make it until Thursday.  She said that I could go anytime!  Yesterday I had what felt like my first contraction.  We were walking at Wills Park and on the last stretch of the walk I started to get chills and my belly felt rock hard for about 30 seconds.  I was SO excited.  Dan looked at his watch and was ready to count until the next one, but nothing happened after that.  That was my second walk of the day and that was probably my body’s way of saying enough!  The good news is that I know now that I’m only looking at a week at the latest for when Parker will be here!  If everything goes unchanged, then they’ll induce me sometime on Sunday 9/20.

So, on Friday night the Scalini’s dinner didn’t induce labor within 48 hrs like they promised.  But what it did do was make us THINK I was going into labor.  I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid so I called my doctor.  She told me to come into Labor and Delivery to get checked since I was so close to my due date.  We arrived at the hospital at 1:30am, and to make a long story short, it took them until 7am to tell me that it was not amniotic fluid, and just normal pregnancy hoopla.  So, we got home on Saturday morning by 8am exhausted from the long night that will only mean a big bill in the end.  It was very disappointing, but hey…at least I got some of the paperwork over with ahead of time, and I got to test out the labor and delivery bed.  Pretty comfy and the room is HUGE.  Hopefully we’ll have some big exciting news within the next few days!

3 thoughts on “If not when, then WHEN?

  1. My first babe was a week overdue, it seems never ending but Parker will come when you least expect it. Relaxing is key! Wishing you a wonderful delivery!


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