Scalini’s Italian Experiment

Tonight for dinner Dan and I decided to go to Scalini’s in Marietta. Their claim to fame is that if you eat their eggplant parmesan in your ninth month of pregnancy, that you’re guaranteed to go into labor within 48 hours. We’ll keep you posted on if it works! If it does, then we get a free dinner for two and a Scalini’s shirt for little Parker.  Either way, we enjoyed the food, and it was a great atmosphere.  We got a kick out of the wall of babies on their wall.  I got to sign the infamous book of other ladies who dared to try their hand at fate (I say dared as if eating eggplant parmesan is equal to scaling a 20 story building) to see if they can in turn meet their new member of their family.  I think Italian food has been kind-of a staple in “new beginnings” for us since Dan and I met for the first time in Marietta in the Italian restaurant Spaghetti Warehouse so how far fetched would it be to meet Parker after a delicious dinner at another Italian restaurant in the same town by a different name?  We shall see!

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