Out with the old and in with the Poo

It’s only been three days and I feel so weird not going into work.  To be honest, I can’t say I really hate being home.  I love the people I worked with, but I feel like I’m getting so much accomplished at home preparing for my little bundle of love.   This is just a glimpse of what I miss:
Danielle Shawnda

Peggy My old messy desk =)

oh, my poor name plate... Pete & Mary in Target...I couldn't resist including this pic!

Of course, there are many more people and things that I miss… Some things that I don’t…can you say TIMESHEET?? uggh..

It’ll be hard adjusting to my new project: Project Parker.  Much harder than any of my projects that I’ve ever had at Verizon. I loved getting new projects at work because to me it was a new challenge, and a new chance to figure out a solution and prove myself as a valued team member. For project Parker, the challenge is MUCH more grand, the stakes are MUCH higher, and the pressure to prove myself is multiplied. I feel that I have prepared as much as I can for the delivery; which feels like the ultimate “pressure to perform”, as well as some of the common struggles that a new parent faces. So, now I need not to worry and ask God to equip me with all the patience, endurance and SLEEP that a new parent needs to make Phase 1 of Project Parker a success. =)

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