Delightful Dahlonega

Dan and I had a wonderful mini vaca to Dahlonega this weekend.  It’s only about an hour from Alpharetta, so we didn’t venture far.  Our doctors liked this because with me being 36 weeks pregnant, they didn’t want us too far from Northside where we planned to deliver.  We had a wonderful time walking around in the square, enjoying the cute quaint shops, beautiful sunshine and a delicious meal at The Smith House.  Of course we had to stop at the Fudge Factory for the best fudge in all of GA.  They have a dark chocolate fudge that is to die for.  I think being pregnant enhances flavors of things that you normally love.  It’s not a fact, but I’m just saying…

Dahlonega is special to Dan and I because this was one of the first dates we went on out of town together.  I remember that trip like it was yesterday.  We spent the day riding horses at Sunny Farms, walking through the town square and experiencing the beauty of nature and had a romantic horse and carriage ride.  Ahh, the younger days… Here’s some of our photos from our trip in spring of 2004.



Now that we’ve been married for almost five years and expecting our first child, remembering those days when we were first in love is so special to us.  Right before all the change that a baby will bring to our lives, we try to focus on each other so that we can remember that no matter what that we were joined as one.  As cliche’ as that sounds, it is something that we strive for.  I don’t want to end up as another statistic.  It is so important to me that we have a healthy marriage not only for our happiness, but for the happiness of our kids and their future spouses.

Long Mountain Lodge B&B was just what we needed to reconnect and relax for the weekend.  Their rooms were super comfy and they had an enormous balcony that overlooked the beautiful forrest and mountains.  Later in the evening the weather was nice and cool and we were able to sit around and chat like old people and take in the cool summer air.  We enjoyed dreaming about someday having our own cabin in the woods where Dan can have his personal shooting range, and I can have my big country retreat. 

We had dinner at the Corkscrew Cafe’.  The ambiance was really nice with outdoor seating and old classics like Petty and Morrison being strummed live on the acoustic guitar behind us.  The food was fabulous as well.  This little mini vaca was delightful, and I’m sure that in the future will have just as much nostalgia as the trip in 2004.

 Corkscrew Cafe 

 Long Mountain View from private balcony


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