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Ultra-Fab Cake Wallet!

Last week I posted here about wanting one of these wallets for my diaper bag.  So… I put in my order to the baker at Cake and she made me a custom wallet that I simply adore.   It is complete with a iphone pocket and a cute little owl that sets it apart from the rest.  Thanks Lindsey!


       Owl Applique`     Wallet Fully Open

       Inside ID slot     Full Inside

Delightful Dahlonega

Dan and I had a wonderful mini vaca to Dahlonega this weekend.  It’s only about an hour from Alpharetta, so we didn’t venture far.  Our doctors liked this because with me being 36 weeks pregnant, they didn’t want us too far from Northside where we planned to deliver.  We had a wonderful time walking around in the square, enjoying the cute quaint shops, beautiful sunshine and a delicious meal at The Smith House.  Of course we had to stop at the Fudge Factory for the best fudge in all of GA.  They have a dark chocolate fudge that is to die for.  I think being pregnant enhances flavors of things that you normally love.  It’s not a fact, but I’m just saying…

Dahlonega is special to Dan and I because this was one of the first dates we went on out of town together.  I remember that trip like it was yesterday.  We spent the day riding horses at Sunny Farms, walking through the town square and experiencing the beauty of nature and had a romantic horse and carriage ride.  Ahh, the younger days… Here’s some of our photos from our trip in spring of 2004.



Now that we’ve been married for almost five years and expecting our first child, remembering those days when we were first in love is so special to us.  Right before all the change that a baby will bring to our lives, we try to focus on each other so that we can remember that no matter what that we were joined as one.  As cliche’ as that sounds, it is something that we strive for.  I don’t want to end up as another statistic.  It is so important to me that we have a healthy marriage not only for our happiness, but for the happiness of our kids and their future spouses.

Long Mountain Lodge B&B was just what we needed to reconnect and relax for the weekend.  Their rooms were super comfy and they had an enormous balcony that overlooked the beautiful forrest and mountains.  Later in the evening the weather was nice and cool and we were able to sit around and chat like old people and take in the cool summer air.  We enjoyed dreaming about someday having our own cabin in the woods where Dan can have his personal shooting range, and I can have my big country retreat. 

We had dinner at the Corkscrew Cafe’.  The ambiance was really nice with outdoor seating and old classics like Petty and Morrison being strummed live on the acoustic guitar behind us.  The food was fabulous as well.  This little mini vaca was delightful, and I’m sure that in the future will have just as much nostalgia as the trip in 2004.

 Corkscrew Cafe 

 Long Mountain View from private balcony


Blurbs of Randomness

I had two showers this weekend. One on Friday and one on Saturday. I know… I’m so SO special right? I do have to admit, it feels nice to be loved! Friday was the company shower and they pulled out all the stops. There were decorations galore and a beautiful cake with Parker’s name on it.  It was nice to see everyone in the office since I’m at Verizon majority of the time and I’m very rarely in the office.  What a nice treat!

Shower CakeAOS Shower  ~Please excuse the fact that I look like Barney the Big Purple Dinosaur in the group photo!~

Leslie hosted the “CWOK” or should it be “CWK” shower on Saturday at her house and it was wonderful. I got an adorable eco-friendly diaper cake along with many other baby essentials that we are sure to use in the coming weeks. It was nice to catch up with friends and watch their cute little kids run around, make faces, and be goofy.

CWOK Shower1     CWOK Shower2 
The nursery is getting stocked full with all the shower gifts. I got some great drawer organizer bins from Ikea and each drawer is organized with socks, onsies, long pajamas, sleep sacks, blankets etc. I was going through my organization of each drawer with Dan last night and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him yawn so much.  I guess it’s a “Mom” thing…
Today official marks my LAST birthday as a non-parent or a “DINK” (Duel Income No Kids). I’m not sad at all…I’m ready to be a mommy.
Birthday GiftSaturday Dan got me the sweetest birthday gift (early).  He knows how much I love butterflies and the color purple, so he got me a 14k white gold necklace with a butterfly pendant that has amethyst stones on it.  It is so beautiful.  Apparently, that wasn’t it though… To my suprise when I came home from work today, he had a card and another Zales box to give me.  I opened it up and it was a matching ring with three amathyst stones in it!! I absolutely love it.  I was so shocked to see he got me yet another gift.  I am certain that I have the best husband ever!


Thursday night Jen and I are headed to Marietta to try to score some steals at the All 4 Kids consignment sale. We got a preview pass that lets us in before the madness on Friday and Saturday. I’m hoping that I can find the few deals that’ll make the trip worth it.  I got some wonderful things during the last sale, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find some nice gently used things Parker needs.
I can’t wait until Saturday. Dan and I will be celebrating both of our birthdays (Dan’s is on the 31st) and also just taking a weekend of relaxation before the baby comes by going up to Dahlonega. We’ll be staying at a bed and breakfast up there on Saturday night and eating lunch at The Smith House, which is our favorite family style southern cooking place.
Cake WalletsI found this place Cake Clothing Co. through my friend Danielle that I work with and she makes these wallets (among other things) that are SO stink’n cute.  I’m getting one.  It’ll be the perfect thing for when I’m carrying around the diaper bag as my “mom purse” and I can use the wallet to keep all my essentials plus my iphone without having to bring along a second purse.  I’ll post pictures when I get it. I love buying from creative artistic people. They deserve the money so much more than the mega-stores that sell the cookie cutter wallets that everyone else has.



This week I’m going to start on getting the hospital bag ready…Yep, that’s right. 35 weeks along! (34 days until the due date and two weeks until he’s full term). So, apparently the hospital bag is pretty important right now.  I’ve got my list of stuff I want to pack… I know, I’m a crazy woman…I can’t help it. Some of the things will have to wait for obvious reasons, but it makes me feel better to have it on a list that I can check off. Am I missing anything? Bringing too much?
Items to bring to the hospital
1. 2-3 changes of clothes for myself and Dan
2. toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, shampoo/conditioner)
3. blow dryer
4. robe
5. blanket for the baby
6. pacifier
7. exercise ball
8. 2 night gowns
9. camera/camcorder & charger
10. baby keepsake book
11. calming music CDs
12. phone number to diaper service, pediatrician and other important numbers
13. nursing bra/pads
14. massager and oil
15. socks/underwear
16. snacks and change for vending
17. extra copy of my birth plan
18. extra pillows from home
19. focal point picture
20. laptop and movies
21. cell phone & phone charger
22. slippers
23. diapers
24. helpful childbirth books/guides from class 

25. Going home outfit for Parker



Oh Baby

As I pack on the pounds in the last weeks of pregnancy (Ugh!) I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to loose all this weight postpartum. Last year when I was preparing for pregnancy I attend a few of the 4 week long boot camps that focused on circuit training and running to get into shape.  It was a great work out and I lost quite a bit of weight doing this, but unfortunately after the baby comes this won’t be a good option.  Dan’s travel won’t allow me to have a set schedule because there won’t be anyone to watch little Parker, and we can’t have any of that.


So, I did a little research and found this place called Oh Baby Fitness. They have all types of exercise classes that you can attend with your baby! They have great things to offer such as Stroller Workouts, Mom and Baby Pilates, H2O Baby (water aerobics), Mom and baby Yoga and mat and cardio fitness classes with the baby.  I’m so excited that I found this and I can’t wait to give it a try! I can start anytime six weeks after birth assuming that all goes well with the delivery.