Boobs and Blocks

We took our Breastfeeding Couples class today.  We were encouraged to take it as a couple so that Dan could see what goes into the feeding, technique, and how he can be an encouragement.  The class was really good.  The instructor was very much a hardcore breastfeeding advocate.  She doesn’t recommend any supplementing at all for the the first three weeks.  Meaning No bottle (even if it’s pumped milk), no pacifier and no formula, only breast.  She gives the reason that the child will not only get “nipple confusion” but they will get use to the flow of milk and it’s best to establish a good routine.  It’s good that she is teaching us the “ideal” thing to do, and I am going to try my best to do what is recommended, but if it doesn’t work out as planned then I’m not going to feel bad if I have to pump and give a bottle.  At least he’s still getting breast milk.  I think not giving a pacifier is a little extreme too.  Babies find sucking very soothing and I don’t think it’ll do any harm.  Some people have extreme views of this one way or the other.  I say if the pacie fits…use it!

I’m really nervous about staying awake for feedings and having the strength to stick to breast only breastfeeding. Parker Blocks I’m trying to imagine having to feed the baby every 1-3hrs and getting adequate sleep in order to function.  I can be a fussy baby myself when I don’t get enough sleep.  This mixed with the challenge to do cloth diapering as well as the other first time parent duties is going to undoubtedly be overwhelming.  Just thinking about it makes me shake my head.  Please pray for me!  So many women have done this before me and they survived.  There’s hope!

I took a shot at making a toy cloth block today.  Here’s a picture of my first block. Definitely not perfect, but it’s cute and I’m sure Parker will love it all the same.   I’ve got at least five more to go.  I plan to spell out Parker and use up my owl fabric that I have left over.  I may get a raddle or squeaky pieces to go inside so that it’s not just a cute cotton filled block.  I think Parker will enjoy that.

I found these ADOREABLE iron-on transfers at JoAnne’s today when I was in there picking up the materials for the cloth blocks.  I just couldn’t resist picking up these too.  Aren’t these so stink’n cute!?Chick MagnetStud Muffin

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