Eco Friendly Diaper Duty

Diaper treeAny of you out there that is expecting a baby, consider yourself a “Green Momma”, or just want to save some money should look into cloth diapering.  Although we are expecting to fully delve into our stash of disposables within the first few weeks of just trying to get use to baby Parker, we still have the goal of cloth diapering as much as we can the extent of his pre-potty trained life.  When we decided to look into this we found out that there are SO many choices out there from All in One Diapers, to Pocket diapers to Pre-folds with covers and the list goes on.  So where does someone start that is planning to cloth diaper?  I found some of the best information on the cloth diapering forum on  They directed me to Nicki’s Diapers which has the best prices on the internet and not to mention FREE SHIPPING on all of their diapers and diaper covers.  This is where we decided to purchase our diaper covers.

DuoWrapMeadow DuoWrapOceanBlue1 DuoWrapHoneyDew

Dan wasn’t too keen on the idea of cloth diapering to begin with.  He thought the smell and the hassle of washing would be way too much to handle.  I know that is a big concern for a lot of people, and that is why most decide to just go with disposables.  However, I have found that most are just not educated on some of the reasons why cloth diapering is such a good idea; Did you know that cloth diapering could save you thousands?  Did you know that cloth diapering means not having to worry about weird chemicals up against your baby’s skin?  Did you know that it takes 500 years for ONE typical disposable diaper to decompose in a landfill?  Those are enough reasons to me to at least consider the thought to use cloth diapers.

clothdiapercoverWe decided to go with a delivery service that is offered in our area to deliver fresh laundered diapers every week and haul away the soiled ones.  This option is a little bit more expensive, but it has allowed Dan and I to compromise on the concerns he had with cloth diapering, but also giving me the ability to still use them.  Even though this option is a little bit more expensive than washing, it still saves AtlantaDiaperServicesLogocopymoney over disposables in the long run.     Atlanta Diaper Service offers a delivery service in the metro Atlanta area and some of the suburbs.  You can choose to rent cloth diapers, cloth wipes, disposable diapers, and diaper covers.  After much research, we decided to go with 50 diapers a week (to start) 40 cloth and 10 eco-friendly disposables (for outings), 10 Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper covers (purchased instead of renting so we can possibly use with baby number 2),  and 73 cloth wipes per week.

The cloth wipes alone will save you hundreds a year over the disposeable wipes.  You can use a wipes warmer and put in a mix of babywash and tea tree oil (to prevent mildew) to keep your wipes moisened before use.

I’m so excited to give all of this a try! I’ll keep you updated on how this new challenge goes!

Shower of Love

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life.   This weekend I had my first shower of love at my aunt Marie’s house for little Parker.  It was such a good time laughing at everyone’s goofy personalities, enjoying delicious food, and opening some very nice gifts.  It’s starting to feel real now that I have little onsies to hold up, diapers, “Parker’s Boo Boo Box” (complements of Angie), not to mention bottles, carseat and many other great gifts.  Jess has been a big help with helping me organize the clothes and gifts in the nursery.  This will defiantly be a weekend I won’t soon forget.

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Who’s plan am I going by anyways?

Well it’s been another busy week to say the least. It came off of a busy weekend and I’m sure with all that is planned (baby shower, company in town, etc.) this weekend to come will be busy too.   It’s good sometimes to have things going on, but it’s also nice not to have anything on the table because it gives you breathing room.

Another thing I’ve found is when I’m busy and I have every detailed planned out in my life, it really hinders me from being open to what God really wants for my life. That is something that I have realized as I get frustrated when things don’t turn out the way I think they should. I tend to do this with people I love too. When I have someone that is leaning on me for support because they are having a difficult time, instead of praying for them and giving it up to God, I take personal ownership of it and make it “my project” to help them get out of their difficult time. When in actuality, I should be letting God handle it. Those of you that know the situation that my mother is in, know where I’m coming from. Some things you just can’t plan out the way the coin will fall. I have the tendency to get stressed out when things don’t happen as planned, but who’s plan am I going by anyways? I feel that God has a bigger plan and if I just trust in him, he will take care of everything.

My little sister whom I love and adore spent the weekend with us this past weekend. Since she’s in a tough situation right now we decided to spoil her and show her as much love as we could. I think we succeeded. Friday night we took her to see the movie Up 3D. She really enjoyed it and we giggled on the way home reminiscing on the talking dog and the silly movie antics. We also took her to Target to get her some new clothes for school.  She was really excited about that because she’s use to going to thrift stores and getting clothes second hand (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and for once enjoyed “new” clothes.  Sunday we all went to church together and heard a great message from a guest speaker who on paper “had it all” but it wasn’t until he hit rock bottom that he learned to lean on God.  Isn’t that so true?  How come we are so hard headed?  I got a lot of great notes on how to help recover from a difficult situation that I found really helpful.  So, back to spoiling my lil sis; I thought that she would really enjoy a manicure/pedicure so I took her to the nail salon for her very first.    She beemed as she got her arms and legs massaged and got a pretty shade of pink on her toes finished off with a cute little flower on her big toes!  It just made me remember when I came to Atlanta to live with my Aunt Marie and how she introduced me to my first pedicure.  I’m still forever greatful for that!

Dan was able to reimage an older laptop that we own and give to Amanda as well.  She’s been needing one for a while for school and this one is in great shape.  It’ll be perfect for her to use for her projects and research as she heads into her first year of Middle School.  It was so nice to be able to visit with her over the weekend and hopefully she was able to leave her issues aside for a weekend and focus on her own happiness.

Dan and I took the “Baby Basics” class on Saturday morning.  It was really informative and probably one of the best classes we’ve had so far.  The lady teaching it was extremely thorough and explained everything really well.  We learned everything from feeding to diapering to how to calm your baby.  We got the DVD “The Happiest Baby on the Block” where we learned the 5 S’s to trigger the calming reflex.  Swaddling,  Side or Stomach position, Shhh’ing, Swinging, and Sucking.  It was simply amazing to see these technicques used on screaming babies and within minutes have them quiet into a calm happy state.  I just can’t wait to swaddle our little squiggles.

Boobs and Blocks

We took our Breastfeeding Couples class today.  We were encouraged to take it as a couple so that Dan could see what goes into the feeding, technique, and how he can be an encouragement.  The class was really good.  The instructor was very much a hardcore breastfeeding advocate.  She doesn’t recommend any supplementing at all for the the first three weeks.  Meaning No bottle (even if it’s pumped milk), no pacifier and no formula, only breast.  She gives the reason that the child will not only get “nipple confusion” but they will get use to the flow of milk and it’s best to establish a good routine.  It’s good that she is teaching us the “ideal” thing to do, and I am going to try my best to do what is recommended, but if it doesn’t work out as planned then I’m not going to feel bad if I have to pump and give a bottle.  At least he’s still getting breast milk.  I think not giving a pacifier is a little extreme too.  Babies find sucking very soothing and I don’t think it’ll do any harm.  Some people have extreme views of this one way or the other.  I say if the pacie fits…use it!

I’m really nervous about staying awake for feedings and having the strength to stick to breast only breastfeeding. Parker Blocks I’m trying to imagine having to feed the baby every 1-3hrs and getting adequate sleep in order to function.  I can be a fussy baby myself when I don’t get enough sleep.  This mixed with the challenge to do cloth diapering as well as the other first time parent duties is going to undoubtedly be overwhelming.  Just thinking about it makes me shake my head.  Please pray for me!  So many women have done this before me and they survived.  There’s hope!

I took a shot at making a toy cloth block today.  Here’s a picture of my first block. Definitely not perfect, but it’s cute and I’m sure Parker will love it all the same.   I’ve got at least five more to go.  I plan to spell out Parker and use up my owl fabric that I have left over.  I may get a raddle or squeaky pieces to go inside so that it’s not just a cute cotton filled block.  I think Parker will enjoy that.

I found these ADOREABLE iron-on transfers at JoAnne’s today when I was in there picking up the materials for the cloth blocks.  I just couldn’t resist picking up these too.  Aren’t these so stink’n cute!?Chick MagnetStud Muffin

She’s Crafty

I proudly finished my first sewing project using a pattern!  I’ve “winged” several projects before with just vision, but do not have a lick of experience using a pattern.  Last night I put my final stitches in a box pleated crib skirt.  It was much harder than I had anticipated.  I got pretty frustrated with the first skirt, and screwed it up quite a bit that I gave up the first night I started it, but plugged through and finished last night. 

Unfortunately when I thought I was done I wasn’t.  I had Dan come upstairs to remove the crib matress and with much anticipation, I placed the newly finished crib skirt on the spring frame- only to find out that I had sewn the front part of the skirt on backwards!  I figured it would be easier to seam rip the sides out than to mess with the front with the box pleat, so that’s what I did.  What a pain!  It was well worth it in the end.  It looks super cute and hides the gap underneath the matress.

So, I’ve started to think about what my next project will be.  I have some of the owl fabric (above) left, but not much.  I found this blog:  Motherhood for Dummies and she has great ideas on making fabric blocks which will be an excellent way to use up the last bit of fabric I have.  I’ve never made fabric toys before but I would love to try…maybe my next project!