Painting for Parker

We got two things crossed off our before baby “To Do” list!  It was a team effort with help from our friends Kristin, Scott, Jason, Leslie and Michelle.  Lizzie (our dog) tried to help too, but we all agreed that that probably would not be a good idea.  Everyone did such a great job and we had a great time painting, eating a  delicious pizza lunch and enjoying frozen push up icy pops!

The second thing we got to crossed off our task list was power washing our back patio.  Scott brought over his power washer and the back patio and front driveway looks as good as new!  It was so gross too, especially the back.

The baby’s room looks great.  We are so thankful for great friends.  The bedroom was painted with love and everyone added their own special touch!  Dan and I moved the furniture back and added our wall decal above Parker’s Crib.  It looks really cute.  We’re going to wait to snap pictures when the room is done completely.

Last week I started on the window treatments for Parker’s room.  It was pretty challenging in the beginning, but I finally finished one panel and I’m hoping to finish the second one before the end of next week.  It’s a cute pattern with a white background and little blue owls.

More updates to come!

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