It’s a Boy!!

We’re a little late posting this, but most of you know that it’s a boy!!  We went out of town in VA Beach and I didn’t have time to update the blog.  So, here’s a shot of the little one. Boy does he know how to work the camera with the classic thumb sucking pose!  It makes moma so proud!

Parker-19 week ultrasound

We were ecstatic to see him squirming around and his little heart just working overtime pumping away.  There’s nothing better than knowing that there is a life being created and growing inside you.  I intend to cherish every moment of it.

We’ve been working a little bit more on the baby’s room.  The furniture was delivered a few weeks ago so now we’re looking into getting the room painted and decorated.  I have an inspiration page that I intend to add to each time I see something I love:

I know that I won’t put all of this in one room, but anytime I run across something that I like, I add it so I can go back.  So far, I’ve purchased the Blu lil Hoot owl pillow (displayed first) and the “leaf me alone wall graphics” displayed second.  I really like the pottery barn kids area rug, and we’re trying to decide if we should go with that or not.  We’ll see once we’ve had a chance to look around more and decide if that’s the best rug.

I love the idea of using retro owls.  Owls are great because they symbolize wisdom. I pray that he will have God’s wisdom as he guides his way through life’s challenges. We are naming him Daniel Parker Christiansen.  He will be the third Daniel  in the family and will go by Parker.  The name Parker is a name that I picked out and have always really loved.  According to, Parker means “Park Keeper” and Daniel means “God is my judge”.  I am happy with the names that we chose!

I’m so looking forward to our vacation next week!  I have so much going on at work that I will need to finish first, but after that it’s all sunny skies and beautiful Hawaii beaches!  This is our last vacation before little Parker arrives, so we are going to relax and enjoy it to it’s fullest!  Dan is planning to book  a snorkle adventure, evening sunset dinner cruise and a dolphin encounter.  We’ll see what kind of deals we can find online.  I’m planning to take the third book in the Twilight series with me to read since I stopped reading it when I started reading all of the “mommy” books.  Some of my friends will be happy to hear that!  It’s going to be so nice to get away for a while!

Easter Weekend

Dan and I had a great Easter weekend.  Friday we saw a great comedy show at the Funny Farm.  There were some british comedians that were really good.  We had a great time.  One of the coolest things happened on Friday too…I felt the baby move!  I had a big dinner which consisted of a salmon sandwich (sounds gross, but it’s really good) and tater tots (reminding us all of good ol’ Napolian Dynamite) and a brownie topped with icecream (which I could barely finish).  I think the brownie is what set little sqiggles in motion!  It was such a great feeling.

Saturday Dan and I went back to Ga Baby and Kids to finalize our baby furniture purchase.  We stopped off at “Baby’s Room” another baby furniture place first, but we weren’t too impressed with their furniture.  The staff didn’t seem as nice and helpful either.  So, we finally decided on a discounted floor model that was one of the higher-end of their lines at GA Baby and Kids.  It had been discounted a few thousand dollars and with the amount of furniture, quality of hard wood, and european design, I think we got a great deal.  Here’s the furniture we decided on:


Capretti Collection

The floor model that was discounted included a crib, armoire, 5 drawer chest, dresser with detachable changing station, and nightstand.  The picture looks like the furniture is black, but it is really  a dark wood color instead of painted black.  Since it is a floor model, we’re getting the room finished this week, and the furniture delivered on Saturday.  I can’t wait!  right now the room is bare, but once we get the carpet stretched and cleaned this week we’ll be in good shape!   We picked out our glider as well. The ones at Ga Baby and Kids were about a thousand dollars for the exposed wood gliders, and that just seemed a bit too pricey.  So, we looked at Babies R Us and they had lots to choose from.  This is what we decided on:

Chenelle Glider with Ottoman

Chenille Glider

It doesn’t look like much, but as soon as I sat in it I just sank down in the chair.   It is SO comfortable!  We got the ottoman that goes with it, and it was WAY less than the thousand that the other place wanted.  We’ll get that in about 12 weeks.  So, that’s it for the big items!  We just need to plan on painting the room after we find out what we’re having on Monday!

We ended the evening with my Mom and sister Amanda coming over for dinner.  We enjoyed dinner and a movie.  The movie (Disaster movie) was a little silly…but still entertaining.  We had a good time coloring and decorating eggs and spending time with each other for the holiday.

We had such a great time yesterday for Easter.  We started the day off taking care of the little boogers in the church nursery.  We had about 12 little 1 year olds to watch and it actually went pretty well.  We enjoyed the service and message that Steven preached.  There’s always something that I can take away from his teachings.

Lunch was at Aunt Angie’s house like the years before.  We always have a great time with the family catching up.  We hadn’t seen everyone since Christmas, and some it’s been longer.  I love visiting family and seeing the many ways that God has blessed us all and for that I am thankful.

Sunday night we had a wonderful time over at our friends Scott and Kristin’s house.  We had a lovely dinner and had a great time laughing and goofing off with friends.  We had our first-time ever grown-up Easter egg hunt! It was a lot of fun…most of all because I won!  Yep, that’s right I found the most eggs.  It must’ve been mother hen’s intution!    The guys started up a bon fire and we had a good time hanging out and watching the guys see how high they could get the flames to rage.  Good times.

Busy Bee for Baby Bee

Dan and I have been quite the busy bees lately preparing for the little one.  Last week we kicked off the beginning of our home transition.  Moving Dan’s office downstairs into the dining room, changing out the lighting, and selling the dining room set.  Dan’s office will become the baby’s room so it was important for us to get a jump start on moving things out so we can start preparing for the furniture.  I really like the new office.  It’s different being downstairs, but it’s really growing on me.  Here’s a snapshot:

Dan's Office1 Dan's office2

Notice the nice new fan above that replaced that chunky chandelier.  It matches the furniture perfectly.

We’re excited about getting the baby’s room ready.  We went and looked at baby furniture last weekend and we think we decided on a collection.  Let me know your thoughts.  We’re going for a clean sleek look.  We want to have a timeless look that the child can grow into and continue to use the same furniture.  With me having an interior design background, I’m sure you can see me getting carried away with the baby room, but we’re going to try to keep it simple.  Nutral whites with vintage accents.  At least that’s the plan for now.  Here’s what we’ve picked out so far for the baby room:

baby-furniture We really love the classic lines and wood accents (if you look close you can see them, but it’s kind-of hard to tell in this picture).  Right now we’re looking at getting the Dressing station with hutch, crib, nightstand (not shown) and three drawer chest changing table (not shown).  It’s going to be pretty pricey, but since the crib changes to a toddler and adult bed, we’ll keep it for quite some time.  Much better than getting butterfly painted princess furniture and having to buy new in a few years.  It’s good quality and I think it’ll withstand the test of time.  I’m beginning to sound like an advertisement so I’ll stop now. =)

This weekend I was so  happy to complete my Europe scrapbook.  FINALLY! The last book I was working on had pictures from 2 years ago!  So now I’m working on my Hawaii scrapbook.  Here’s a sneak peak:


p4060089Last November we were in Maui and in May we will be going back to Hawaii but visiting the Big Island and Oahu.  I can’t wait!  Hopefully I can finish this scrapbook and leave room for more photos after the vacation in May.