Countdown to Baby!

Okay, according to my iPregnancy application on my iphone, I have exactly 189 days remaining in my pregnancy!  Sounds like a lot, but that is only 27 weeks, and roughly 6 months! Is it really only 6 months away?  That’s insane considering that we’ve done nothing to prepare for the little squigz (new nick-name compliments of Tara).

So, with that timeframe in our minds, Dan and I decided (okay, I decided) that we need to come up with a plan.  Those that know me know I’m a planner and I like to be prepared, so we both collectively came up with a “Countdown to Baby-Schedule of Tasks” to help prepare.  We have so much to do!  I feel so much better now that I have it neatly listed in spreadsheet format for us to refer back to.  I definitely recommend this to others who have anxiety about preparing for a baby.  The main reason for having to prepare for everything is that we want to be responsible with our money.  We don’t want to spend a lot of money in one month, so we’ve split up our purchases so that we can hopefully pay for everything without dipping into savings or purchasing on credit.  We’ll see how that goes.  There’s so much to buy it’s overwhelming.  Dan is going to do research on Consumer Reports for the “safty sensetive” items like stroller, crib and car seat to see what is the safest as well as the most economical.  Those of you that have kids, we would LOVE your suggestions too. Once the yard sales and estate sales start back up in the spring, I’ll be all over them!

Everything is progressing like it is suppose to (praise God!).  I’ve been feeling MUCH better and getting my energy back slowly and no more morning sickness!  Although I haven’t been able to fully get back into my work-out routine in the mornings, I plan to ease into it with daily walks and eventually prenatal yoga.  I’m in my second trimester at 13 weeks, and I haven’t felt the baby move yet, but according to what I have read, Squiggles is squirming around all the time and is a healthy 3″ long and weighs roughly .9 oz.  This week the reflexes will get stronger with the fingers and toes responding as well as the eyelids.  The face will begin to look more human-like and the umbilical cord will continue to move into the body to form the intestines.  It’s so interesting to me to learn about how something is growing inside of me.  It’s so exciting!

Here’s a picture from my last ultrasound.


I was 11 weeks old.  It’s “scary baby” as we like to call because it’s the front scary view but I love how the hands are on either side of the head and the body looks completely detached.=)  It was so nice to see the baby squirming around and the rapid heartbeat.  Our next appointment is April 20th and we will learn if it is a boy or girl.  Does anyone want to take a stab at what the baby will be?  Dan and I think it’s a girl…but what do we know??

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