Summer Lovin’

Today I to give up my Summer girl. It breaks my heart to have to do this, but I know that I am making the right decision. I am going to miss her so much. I gave her plenty of Summer lovin’ and then I dropped her off at Southern Hope Humane Society. It is a no-kill facility that has a great adoption rate for their pets that need a new home. The place is small, only about 10-15 dogs, and they have large runs instead of cages.  If you are interested in adopting Summer, you can learn more about the facility and contact them by going to their website: I wish her all the best in her future home and future family.



Summer and Sharon


Saying Goodbye

Friday night was a bad night in the Christiansen home. I was working late and Dan came home after meeting friends for wings, and was getting ready to take the dogs outside when it happened. Summer and Lizzie got in a huge fight…the MOTHER of all fights. Dan said that it went on for minutes and all of the techniques that we have read about doing and had been taught to do by a behavior specialist did not work. Finally after minutes of fighting, blood dripping all over the wood floor downstairs, Dan was able to push Summer off Lizzie and quickly shut her in the laundry room. After we examined them both, the result of the fight was Summer having cuts all over her face, ears and neck. Lizzie had huge lacerations on her shoulder and leg that needed stitches.

We love both of our dogs so much. However, this has been going on for over a year, and each fight is getting progressively worse and worse. We’ve had Lizzie longer, and she has always been the more passive dog. Summer is more energetic and aggressive. With a baby on the way we are not willing to take the risk that their fighting could injure our child. So, we are finding a new home for Summer. We’ve given ourselves a deadline of next Saturday to find a shelter or rescue group to take her, but if we can’t we will have to give her to the SPCA. I know it sounds horrible, but we have tried everything we can for the past year to remedy this. We took them to group training classes, brought in a behavior specialist, and given it time. We can’t afford to continue to make excuses for the way Summer acts in our home. Overall she is a wonderful pet, but she needs to be in a home where there is no other pet but her. She is territorial and guards her food which is a dangerous combination for a baby. We are praying that this week we are able to find a good home for her. If we can’t…then we are going to have to trust in God that he will find a way or do what is his will for her life. It’s really hard for me to come to grips with this because Summer was “my baby”. After my cat Chleo disappeared over two years ago, we wanted to get a friend for Lizzie and a pet that I could cuddle like Chleo. Summer was my cuddle girl and it breaks my heart. I know this is what’s best for all of us and for the family. Please pray that Summer finds a good home and that Dan and I can make peace about the whole thing.