Elated with Joy

This past Wed was probably one of the happiest days ever! Dan and I have been cautiously expecting since December. We’ve only spilled the beans to a few people in our small group and close family members so that we can get the prayer warriors on it. We had a doctor’s appointment and ultrasound scheduled and we went in with a positive outlook, but still nervous considering the history we’ve had. We heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time!! It was so amazing. Dan thought it looked like he was typing on a blackberry or playing gameboy. Yes, he is guessing that little squiggles is a boy. We are so happy that everything is progressing as normal and right now we couldn’t be happier. Praise God for all the answered prayers! One thing they noticed that they’re just going to keep an eye on is that I have two cysts on my ovaries. They said it’s very common during pregnancy, but that mine are a bit larger than normal. So they are going to keep an eye on it and I have another ultrasound at the end of February. They said it should dissipate on it’s own. I have really been feeling the side affects of this first trimester. I am tiered and nauseated all the time. I’m moody a lot and sometimes just hard to deal with. Hopefully I will be able to learn new coping skills during this first trimester so I don’t make Dan’s life miserable, as well as my co-workers. I have to keep reminding myself that all of this is well worth it for my little squiggles. There’s more news to come, but for right now I’ll leave you with pictures of our little happiness.

7 Weeks!

7 Weeks!


After the good news!

4 thoughts on “Elated with Joy

  1. How exciting!!!! So when does this make your due date?? Please tell Dan congrats as well! We will keep you in our prayers that everything continues to go well and that you are feeling well!!


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