Monday Night Ramblings

Here’s to one week in the most beautiful place on earth…and what I’ve learned

  • 9 hr plane rides are much more interesting when you have a great book like Twilight to read
  • Sunset dinner cruises are so romantic…especially when I share it with my incredible husband
  • Driving in a convertible in Hawaii is close to heaven
  • You know that it HAS to be good when you wait for over an hour in the freezing, breezy cold weather to see the most amazing sunrise above the clouds at Mt. Haleakala
  • Snorkeling has a cooler friend…it’s called snuba…and it’s freakin’ awesome! 
  • Swim-up bars combined with water slides with a 200ft drop are dangerous, but exhilarating
  • If you want to see the sunken Carthaginian ship in Lahaina then take the submarine  Atlantis…it is by far the neatest thingand I wasn’t nearly as closter phobic as I thought I would be!
  • A peaceful hike to the twin falls reminds you of God’s presence everywhere
  • Getting a massage here at Grand Wailea puts Massage Envy to shame…big time!
  • Molokai has the highest sea cliffs in the world and the most amazing waterfalls…it brought tears to my eyes.  The only way to see them is by helicopter.  What they don’t tell you is how absolutely terrifying the flights are!
  • Grand Wailea does a mean Thanksgiving Luau
  • There’s nothing better than coming home after a long trip, relaxing in your own bed and snuggling with the best puppies in the world.

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