Weekend Thoughts

I’m finishing up a busy weekend tonight and thought it was a good time to blog.  Here’s a re-cap:

1. We spent Friday night making dinner and hanging out with Dan’s Mom.  We always have so much fun chatting with her and finding out about her week.  She enjoys seeing us and her “gran-dogs” as she likes to call them Lizzie and Summer.  We’re able to see her more often now since she recently moved to Lawrenceville, which has been really nice.  Later on in the evening we decided we should go ahead and book some of our excursions for our Hawaii trip.  I think we got a little carried away.  We already have our entire week planned out! You know me-I’m a planner! This is what we have planned so far: Sun-arrival, Mon-Sunset dinner cruise, Tues-Snorkeling, Wed-Haleakala van tour w/breakfast(you go to the top of the crater above the clouds and watch the sun rise…it’s suppose to be incredible), Thurs-Submarine tour and Thanksgiving Luau, Fri-helicopter tour of the island, Sat-home.  I can’t wait!!

2. Saturday I had a project scheduled in Macon.  We relocated about 25 people’s belongings to another site in Macon.  The project went really well, and it was pretty action packed.  Not a lot of standing around and twiddling thumbs, which was good.  I like when I’m busy during projects!  I got back home in the late afternoon Saturday and Dan and I went to grab Chinese food.  It was nice because we had an honest conversation about some of our insecurities, fears, and struggles that we have…just in general.  We started talking about it because we are reading The Five Love Languages in our church small group, which has allowed us to talk more openly about the things we should work on in our marriage to make it a more healthy relationship.  The first thing we have to do in order to do this is to be honest with each other about our insecurities, fears, and struggles. Unintentionally we began to open up about a lot of past relationships whether it was family or couple relationships and how they’ve shaped some of our insecurities into who we are today.  It felt so good to be open and honest with one another, and we left lunch learning so much more about each other…it was great.

3.Today was a nice day too.  We got to sleep in a bit and then we went to the second service at Stonecreek Church to hear an amazing message today from Steve Gibbs on  “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” series.  You can listen to the message on the podcast, but you really have to have been there to get the entire “feel” of the message.  Tonight we hosted our CWOK  (Couples with out Kids) small group at our house.  Jeff led a great conversation talking about the “Acts of Service”, and “Physical Touch” love languages.  We had some laughs, but we also learned about eachother and about how Jesus was the ultimate example for acts of service.  It definately got me ramped up for the week ahead since Dan will be home and we can focus on being intentional towards each other and making eachother happy.  What a great segue into our vacation the following week!

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