Changing Gears

Okay, Life is starting to get back to normal I guess.  I’m super excited that I am done with my NCIDQ exam.  Now I can officially stop obsessing over it.  With that being said, I’m on to bigger and better projects!  For one, I never finished my scrapbook that I started back in the spring.  Here is a sneak peak:

I’m pretty happy with it so far, but I have two books to do.  I’ve always enjoyed making collages and grouping arrangements.  So much fun! Although I could take some lessons from my sis-in-law Lisa who is defiantly without a doubt ALL things crafty.

I just love the smell of my pumpkin candles and the first sign of the cold crisp air on October mornings. That’s what I love.  I ventured into the attic tonight to grab my Fall decorations.  Here’s what I found:

I’m looking forward to getting together with my Mom and little sister and carving pumpkins this year too.  We always have so much fun doing that.

Yesterday I went to the Cumming Fair with my friend Amanda (sorry Amanda, I spared everyone the long details of how/if we’re related) and her sweet daughter Elise.   She was a killer fisherman at one of the games, and won herself a little dolphin.  Dan and I enjoyed seeing them and watching little Elise enjoy herself on some of the rides. Here’s a cute picture:

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