I’ve been wanting to set up a blog for some time now, but not getting around to it due to studying, busy life etc.  So, without further a due, my first blog post!  Horray!!

Nothing too exciting on the Christiansen homefront.  My husband Dan just found out that his sister is preggers again with her 6th child!  How exciting, and …well, 6th?  That’ll be 6 more than we have and we’re scratching our heads as to how she does it. God has blessed her with patience and the gift of fertility..that is for sure.  We are excited for her and look forward to meeting the new member of the family.

On Friday and Saturday I’ll be talking THE biggest exam of my entire career.  I’ve been preparing for this since Spring, so hopefully I’ll pass with flying colors.  Preparing for the NCIDQ (National Counsel for Interior Design Qualification) exam has consumed my life the past few months.  It is comprised of three sections stretched over two days.  The first two sections are multiple choice, and the second section is a floorplan drafted solution.  I will be so excited after I’ve completed this, and I can get back into the groove of things.  My office is a mess from all of my study material, and I’ve yet to complete my travel scrapbook from our trip to Europe this past spring. Not to mention my social life and spending time with the hubby has had to take a back seat these past few months.  I’m looking forward catching up with that the most.  Dan has been very supportive of me through this study time which has helped out a lot.  I am praying that my anxiety about the test doesn’t get the best of me, and that I can stay calm and that God will give me the strength and knowledge I need to pass!


One thought on “Bloggerific

  1. OMG… 6th? Wow. She DOES have the gift of patience. I can probably learn a thing or two from her.

    Yay for taking the test! Hope it went well.

    And welcome to blogland! 🙂


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